Playing mobile games is not a new trend for us, but today games are providing fantastic enjoyment.

In recent times enormous games are getting high ranking, and The Walking Dead Road: To Survival game is one of them.

The game is a full pack of action and adventure, and it is based on RPG. It is developed for both android and IOS mobiles by Scopely.

Great visual graphics are enough for attracting more new users for playing. It is open to worldwide players, and millions of new users are connected with it.

The players can download it from official game website or Google store. Get a free experience in the beginning, and for more fun, you have to pay money.

The gameplay comes with several missions and battles, so you have to prefer that.

Fetching victory is not easy for beginners, and you should not skip the currency portion. Without currency, we will not reach on higher levels.

Know about the role of major currency: 

There are various resources for us, but coins are the main currency for leveling up.

These coins are making the game easy, and it speeds up our performance in battles. The user can get more new survivors with it, and you can add multiple things for surviving long in missions.

Coins are effective in reviving the heroes, so we should not waste it on useless things.

A significant amount of currency is increasing the winning chances in the game. We can collect it in numerous ways, and in this article, we are showing some of them.

Go with daily missions

In the beginning, we will get some daily missions for currency. Such missions are not much hard for us.

The players have to know about gameplay for playing in missions. Get a handsome amount of currency by wining in it.

Join some events

Events are part of the game, and they are best for obtaining more rewards and XP.

Such a reward is also in the form of currency, and the user can take many benefits with them.

Some time-limited events make it more interesting for us. You should daily check events and spend much time in them for helpful rewards.   

Connect with Facebook account

The players can earn a fair amount of currency by signup with a Facebook account. With it, we can also stay in touch with our online friends.

You can share the link of the game for more exciting prizes and invite them to play with you.

Various promotional activities

Along with gameplay, we can also make currency with promotional tasks. For it, the players have to watch some ads videos that flashed in the display.

The users must see till the end and get some amount of coins or other benefits.

It is a smart way of generating a free amount of coins, and this method is not stable, so you have to go with more ways.


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