marvel strike force beginners tutorial

Welcome to Marvel Strike Force quick tutorial. We will review all the details you need about the game in this guide for players below level 35.

Check on the campaign maps first when you start the game. You’ll need a lot of equipment. To make more campaign maps, use all of the free refills every 12 hours.

Upgrade your characters as you level so that they can achieve campaign maps. Don’t keep trying and waste energy if you can’t beat a specific plan. Go back to other projects, farm a character’s necessary equipment and start again.

In campaign modes, you will get three stars as long as you defy all enemies and keep the whole team alive. This opens auto winning method.

One of the best marvel strike force cheats is to focus mainly on five characters, which can be used to run maps and events. You then focus on another 5 in Villain mode, because you need items from the campaign map to improve your characters further.

Therefore, when it comes to specific campaign mode, there are restrictions.

Choice of heroes: There can only be good characters. For Spiderman, Daredevil, Punisher, Luke Cage and Wolverine, you will have a full roster here. When you concentrate on updating, this is more than adequate to get to the latter stages.

Choice of villains:  It can just be the negative things. Because it’s easier to assemble hero characters, Elektra and then Crossbones begin with you only when you finish the case. I propose that the core villain group be Nebula, Jondu and Hand Sorceress.

Cosmic conflicts: Here are allowed only celestial characters. To unlock it, you must also be at level 45. As starter characters in this campaign, I propose Nebula, Yondu and Gamora.

Nexus: The campaign permits both the characters right and evil. This idea is the most straightforward form, as the constraints do not exist.

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Daily quests

This daily quest is the priority for quick level up. Once you finish it, you will get a great deal of player experience for quickly level up and raise the character’s level. You can now launch Wolverine 7 times when it is over.

Investing money

The best way is to invest energy cores on recharges for campaign maps. I would do this if you wanted a particular item. The first refill costs 50 power cores. The last thing you have to spend on is the power for 50 cores twice a day and nothing else.

Therefore, do not use any power cores on orbs; they are the worst return per dollar invested in power cores, not even using your free power cores.

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Challenges include competitions that can be held to promote various materials or objects in the game. These challenges are only three tries a day. Some third parties may need some unlocking requirements.

Medical supply chain: Available on Thursday and Saturday, Monday and Friday. Get blitz charges and safety packs for raids. Blitz charges are used for lightning events when raid health packs are used in Alliance raids to cure the characters.

Ability improvement: Opens on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Gain resources to boost the skill of your character. In this campaign, only tanks are allowed.

Goldrush: Opens Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Earn gold, just a candid event.

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