Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a highly popular game in recent times, and millions of online users are active on it. The game is all about the lifestyle of Kim Kardashian actress, and it is created by Glu mobile.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is suitable for android, IOS, and Mac, but it is also optimized for tablets. HD visual graphics are making it more amazing and attract more new users.

You will see many new outfits, fashion accessories, hairstyles, and more things. We can customize our characters for several tasks to win great chances to earn success.

The players can easily download it by android store or official game websites, and for playing it, you no need to pay a single amount of money.

Purchasing various things is a primary element for us, and we have to manage a high amount of money. In the game, we cannot use any real money, and the game gives us some digital currency for it.

The users should earn it by huge numbers of challenges and generate a big amount of it. Everyone should know about what kinds of currencies are used for playing easily.

Types of Currencies:

Along with different kinds of things, the currency is also important. Cash and stars are significant currencies for getting success in the gameplay, and both are helpful for going on the next stages.

In this guide, we are providing more info about the currencies.

  • Cash
  • Stars

Valuable Cash 

Cash is the valuable currency of the game, and it is mainly used for buying homes, furniture, outfits. It is also beneficial for your dates, and we can get more pets.

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You can go with paid cash by tapping starshop, and it is identical with real cash. With the use of currency, we can grow our gaming levels and earn more amount of it by TV shows, movies, etc. Anyone grab a high amount of cash by going with a higher rating.

Essential Stars 

Star is an essential currency for purchasing more energy, pets, furniture, and more things. It opens some new ways to get happiness in the gameplay.

The starshop is the right way for paid stars, and we need to spend money on that. Earning stars are not much difficult, but you should know handy ways for it, and the players will get more currency by relationships, achievements.

The players must finish some big goals and complete some promotional events. There is a detailed post on restart reality about how to get free k stars in kim kardashian hollywood that you should must read.

Wisely Spend Currency

Struggle for currency is very common for all players, and we should know the value of it. The players must store it for upcoming tasks and make some wise decisions before spending it.

A short amount of currency is not a good sign for each player. The storyline depends on the currency amount and finds out a few ways to earn.

In the low amount of the currency, we have to skip buying and invest the currency only in the tasks. Both currencies are essential for handy gameplay.

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