Jackpot Party Casino Features

Jackpot Party Casino is the gateway of partying through unique slot machine games. One can play Jackpot Party Casino on mobile as well as online. The game has some novel feature that helps a player to know it in a better way. In this post, we will discuss these features in details.

Leveling Up and Gaining Experience

Leveling up in Jackpot Party casino has some unique feature which you can get quickly. As you play the game, you collect experiences. These experiences get accumulated in your level bar, and after it reaches a threshold mark, you are upgraded to the next level.

There are multiple benefits of Jackpot Party casino leveling up. Primarily as you level up, you get some Jackpot Party casino free coins. You can unlock new slots, and that increases the gaming pleasure. The essential thing that happens in leveling up is your bet amount increases. As you place higher Bet your bonus Jackpot Party casino free coins are multiplied.

The best tips to level up is to play at a higher bet. The game mechanism is linked with the amount of Bet you place — so higher the Bet higher is the experience and an opportunity of fast leveling high.

Gifting and Inviting

The game is wholly enjoyed when you get social. Connection with your Facebook account is the easiest Jackpot Party casino hack to get a huge opportunity to play with higher coins.

The slot gaming has the unique feature of gift exchange between friends. When you play with more number of friends you can avail the maximum benefit.  When you have fewer friends, you can invite them to the lower-left section.

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You will find an inbox in the home section where you will find all the friends. When you open the mailbox, you can collect the gifts sent to you. You should also transfer more Gifts to receive more.

You can gift up to 15 friends every day and receive as much as you want. Inviting more friends

Collect coins and free spins

Many slot games become challenging to play due to lack of coins and spins. However, Jackpot Party Casino free coins and Spins are easily collected from the game.

Daily spin wheel, completion of daily task and collecting Jackpot Party casino free coins as the daily dash is the easiest of all the Jackpot Party casino cheats.

Mega prizes are another great jackpot party casino hack for free coins in the game. But you have to be careful as you can assemble only four rewards at a time. The timer is another feature of the game which opens the prizes after a particular time.

Free gifting on social media pages by developer

Following the official page of Jackpot Party Casino, you become aware of the upcoming events. Also, there are various gifts given away in special occasion. All you need to click on the link shared there and collect the reward.

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