Hotel Empire Tycoon is a mobile game that is available on mobile devices. In order to play, Hotel Empire Tycoon players can download it on iOS and Android devices.

In mobile devices, so many different types of simulation games are available, and Hotel Empire Tycoon is one of those games.

Earning money is a major thing in Hotel Empire Tycoon because, in order to make hotel bigger, gamers have to purchase floor and other things.

There are some more things that are available in the game, and in order to earn money and to progress the game, players have to learn some major tips regarding it.

Major Tips and Tricks to Earn Rewards

Go for Quest Missions – If you just started to play Hotel Empire Tycoon, then you have to start it with playing quest matches because it is the best way to earn some extra money.

In the game, there are so many quest missions, and tasks are available, and after completing every quest, the earning will be provided.

In the game menu at the upper corner on the right side, the model is available, and in that, so many different types of quests available, and players can play among those missions.

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Hire more Hotel Staff

It is important to make a great hotel, and for that, players have to invest and increase the staff of the hotel as well. After the hotel will be bigger in size and will provide the facility to the tourist, then they have to hire more people in the game to manage the customers.

You also have to pay them, but it will be very beneficial for your hotel is you want to earn money and progress the game.

There is no doubt that after hiring the hotel staff, your earning will be way more increased, and this is what everyone wants, and your investment will take place at the right thing.

Turn on the Double Profit

Every player wants to earn extra, and in the game, there are many types of modes and sources are available, and one of them is earning double.

I suggest you turn off the double earning income because, after this, you will earn money from almost every source and facility in the game.

Also, one of the most preferred things that players do is watch online ads, and it’s a great thing to earn the double amount of money.

Get More Rooms

To be a great player in the game, one thing players need to focus on, and it is enhancing the rooms. In a hotel, if you have enough rooms, then you can earn a huge amount of money without any doubts.

In the game store, there are rooms available and the rooms are also purchasable but after the walking of customers is increasing, the earning will be increased as well.

In order to make a huge hotel and to earn money, it is the best way in the game.


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