If you are a fan of casino games, then Playtika has a huge collection of that. Today we will discuss the House of Fun, which is one of the casual slot machine game.

We will guide you through this post on how to start playing the House of Fun. We will provide tips to play and win big.


TIP 1: Download the game from App store or play store

The first tip that we will provide you is to play a legally downloaded game. You can download the game from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, even it is also available on Microsoft Store for Windows.

Some player might find that the game is not available in your region. Then the game cannot be downloaded from these stores. Still, there are ways to play the game.

The game is available to play through the Facebook Game room. So if you have a Facebook account, you can go to House of Fun Slot machine official page.

There you will get a button at the top right to play the game. You can start playing the game without even downloading it.

Tip 2: Stay away from House of Fun MOD apk

House of Fun MOD apk is easily available on the internet, and they are named as a varied way. God mode, unlimited coins and spins, these are some of the lucrative terms that may attract you to play with mod apk.

But you will fall trapped if you play it through these hack apk files. These files never give you any coins or spins.

TIP 3: Collect all the coins and spins without playing the slot

There are plenty of options in the game which will give you free coins and spins in House of Fun. Do not miss an opportunity to collect all the free spins and House of Fun free coins.

Following is the list of house of fun cheats for free coins which you must follow in the game:

  1. Collect 1000 coins as the welcome bonus from Playtika
  2. In the beginning, check the inbox and collect 100 free spins.
  3. Daily collect 20 free spins for five days.
  4. Connect with Facebook and collect 1000 House of Fun free coins.
  5. Send and receive coins and free spins from friends.
  6. Collect 200 House of Fun free coins every three hours.
  7. Level up and accumulate the free coins
  8. Check inbox to collect turbo booster and reduce more House of Fu Free coins.

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Play House of Fun album card and collect card packs from the game. Higher bets in the game create more chances to get card packs. Complete all the album and receive 21 million coins.


Ice win is essential quests which ensure you some additional coins from the game. Fill in the ice ball and get free spins to play the ICE win. Gather all the coins and further play the game.

Final Words

House of Fun free coins is an essential element which you must have to play and enjoy the game. Do not rush to play, which will end up in a shortage of coins. Play for a decent time and collect all freebies to have fun without spending money.

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